MSE Big Switch Winners (direct debit/billed)

We aim to secure cheaper than the market’s cheapest deals. We didn’t quite make that, as there’s an outlying cheap small firm, with a 65% POOR customer service rating (do a whole-of-market comparison to see that). But our deals offer huge savings for most…

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MSE Big Switch tariff 1: 3,000 left. Pure Planet variable rate. Top service & it’s renewable – save £288/yr on typical use. This MSE Pure Planet 100% Green tariff online-only deal was capped at 10,000 switches – we nearly ran out but managed to get it to give us a few more so there are now 3,000 left.

Pure Planet is a mid-sized supplier with 100,000 customers. It’s been around since 2017 and got a 95% ‘great’ score in our last customer service poll. This tariff is its normal cheap variable deal, but we’ve arranged an extra £47 credit on your bill (ie, a reduction), plus you get our standard £25 MSE dual-fuel cashback if you switch to it. It means on avg it’s £890/yr based on typical use.

The fact it’s variable means its rates can change, though it is competitive and has mainly only changed prices in the past when wholesale prices (which energy firms pay) shifted. Note: you won’t be able to get the £140/yr Warm Home Discount with Pure Planet.

MSE customer service score: 95% ‘great’ (246 votes) + MSE enhanced – ie, we can escalate issues to a dedicated team.
Renewable? 100% renewable electricity, gas is 100% carbon offset.
Fixed? No, it’s variable so prices can change.
Early exit fees? No, you can leave penalty-free at any time.
Dual-fuel only? Yes, you must get gas & electricity.
Payment: Must be by monthly direct debit.
Smart meters: It has started a small-scale optional roll-out.

PS: Click the Pure Planet link above, do a comparison and our filters exclude all but ‘top service’ results (you can undo the filters).

MSE Big Switch tariff 2. E.on 1yr FIX. 100% renewable elec. New customers only. Save £279/yr on typical use. This MSE E.on 1 Year Fix Exclusive Autumn 2019 tariff will end at 4pm, Fri 25 Oct. It’s an avg £899/yr based on typical dual-fuel use, including £25 MSE dual-fuel cashback. As it’s a fix, the rate you pay can’t rise for the first year, though what you pay will of course depend on your use.

When we launched our event, it was the cheapest typical Big 6 price in 18mths, though Scottish Power (see below) has undercut it.

But it’s ONLY for new customers. Unfortunately E.on excludes existing customers. We fought that hard, but it wouldn’t budge and we didn’t want to deny others the cheap deal. We suggest E.on customers look at switching to the other options here to save.

MSE customer service score: 32% ‘great’, 33% ‘OK’ (217 votes).
Renewable? 100% renewable electricity, gas isn’t green.
Fixed? Yes, for 12mths from supply start date.
Early exit fees? £30/fuel if you leave 49+ days before the fix ends.
Dual-fuel only? No. It can be dual-fuel or elec-only (incl Economy 7).
Payment: Monthly direct debit is cheapest, but available other ways.
Smart meters: They’re available for free, on request.

PS: Click the E.on link above or the other Big 6 tariffs below, do a comparison and our filters exclude all but ‘big name’ results (you can undo the filters).