MSE cheapest PREPAY winner

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It’s never easy to get a special tariff for those on key or card meters – so we’re delighted to include this one.

  • MSE Big Switch tariff. Bulb. Cheapest PREPAY, 100% renewable elec, top service. Save £228/yr on typical PREPAY use. Bulb is one of the biggest suppliers outside the Big 6, with over 1m customers and it’s been around since 2016.

    This Bulb Vari-Fair Prepay deal is scheduled to last until 4pm on Fri 25 Oct. In effect it’s Bulb’s normal variable tariff, but we’ve arranged an extra £30 dual-fuel cashback (£15 elec-only), on top of the usual £25 MSE dual-fuel cashback (£12.50 elec-only) for new customers. Bulb cashback will take up to 90 days to arrive, ours up to 6mths.

    Including that, on avg it’s the cheapest prepay tariff on the market at a typical £989/yr, compared with £1,217/yr for someone on a Big 6 standard prepay tariff. Of course, as it’s variable the rate can change, though most prepay tariffs are variable.

    MSE customer service score: 88% ‘great’ (732 votes).
    Renewable? 100% elec, 10% green gas & the rest carbon offset – about as good as it gets outside of super-green deals.
    Fixed? No, it’s variable.
    Early exit fees? No, you can leave any time penalty-free.
    Dual-fuel only? No. You can do dual-fuel or elec-only.
    Payment: Prepayment.
    Smart meters: Sadly, if you already have them you can’t get this tariff.