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BACK TO SCHOOL ESSENTIALS: SOME OF OUR OFFERINGSBack to school shopping can be dauting after a long summer of entertaining the kids, and the first day back of school is approaching faster than you probably realise. School supplies, from stationery to clothing, are a hefty addition to your family budget. Want a brilliant way to save? A Kids Pass membership can help you with your back to school essentials! Here are some of the many retailers and brands we have exclusive deals with:Read more


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A restaurant locator, a digital dining discount card and a savings calculator in one package. The Kids Pass FREE app makes it quicker and easier to enjoy all of our fantastic benefits on the go.

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Great for families

Easy to use app, decent amount of choice for days out and well worth checking before buying tickets directly through companies as we’ve saved about £30 through Kids Pass just on a zoo trip and a cinema trip!

Rachel Price


Excellent! I have tried the 30 day trial and I’m impressed at what’s on offer for families but more importantly how easy it is to use and get the tickets!! Fabulous! Thank you KidsPass 😊


I think Kids pass is fantastic

I think Kids pass is fantastic. Mostly use it for discounted cinema tickets and it is most certainly worth having I’ve honestly saved hundreds with it.

Southbank centre free activity

DJ and young dancers


Disco Loco

Part of Summer

Sunglasses? Check. Disco pants? Check. Time for some alternative family entertainment with Disco Loco.

The wild and wonderful family party welcomes revellers of all ages to an afternoon of DJing and performances.

Boogie to back-to-back tunes from the Disco Loco Allstar DJs and marvel at live music, dance and cabaret, hosted by the genial MC Chu-i.

Disco Loco have been entertaining families across East London since 2006 in a programme of arts, culture and a spirit of togetherness, running inclusive monthly events for less

Featured artists

Sun 14 Jul: Rhyss Pieces, Symoné
Sun 21 Jul: Fantabulosa’s Xnthony, Porridge Radio
Sun 28 Jul: Shakaonafire, Grace Shush
Sun 18 Aug: Fantabulosa’s Ginny Lemon, Dream Nails
Mon 26 Aug: XOEY 5.0, Rubyyy Jones


14 Jul 2019 – 26 Aug 2019Approximate run time: 300 minsRun times may vary, find out more


Outdoor spacesRiverside Terrace, Level 2


FreeMembers & Supporters get priority. Join now

need to know

Event information
These events take place 12 noon – 5pm.

Access information
The performance at 12pm on Sunday 18 August is British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted by Clare Edwards.

To join our free Access Scheme and book tickets for these services, call our Ticket Office on 020 3879 9555 or email
Find out more about our Access Scheme

Deals on school uniforms

School Uniform need not cost the Earth and is time to stock up on their uniform for the new school year – starting with this comfortable and cosy sweatshirt. Complete with an anti-pilling finish, you can be sure this sweatshirt will last no matter what they get up to at school.

Image result for uniform images
  • Crew neck
  • Anti-pilling finish
  • Brushed inside
  • Easy iron


100 % cotton girls 2X polo shirts £1.75…900
100% cotton boys 2X polo shirts £1.75…700
skirt £1.75…000
Girls trousers £1.75…600
boys trousers £1.75…200
2X T- shirts £1.79…500
2X girls school Blouse £2.49…300
2X boys school shirt £2.49…100
girls jersey trousers £2.79…730
jersey skirt £2.79…100
jog pants £2.99…000
3X school tights £3.99…600
5X knee high socks £2.79…900
5X girls ankle socks £1.99…500
5X boys ankle socks £1.99…700
2X pinafore £6.99…800
2X jersey pinafore £6.99…300
Girls patent leather shoes £6.99…600
Girls leather shoes £6.99…501
Boys shoe – trainers £6.99…901
lightweight trainers £5.99…500
all sizes and variety of colours available instore from this Thursday 11th July. Items can be pre-ordered online now where stock is available and free delivery applies to orders of £20.

Acton Market

Action West London Acton market

  • Date:Saturday 7 January 2017 – Sunday 1 December 2019
  • Recurring:Every week
  • Location:The Mount, Acton W3 8SB – outside Morrisons
  • Time: 9am – 5.30 pm
  • Cost: Free entry
Image result for images of a market
  • Loads of goodies

Acton market sells a wide variety of goods including take away ethnic food, arts, crafts, jewelery, homemade cards, clothes, shoes, bags, and stalls selling fresh groceries such as fruit and veg.

Acton Street market is run by Action West London, local charity and social enterprise. There are 30 stalls set up every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Shopping at the market you are supporting local traders and local charity, Action West London

Scam Alert -Universal credit scammers

SCAM ALERT – Watch out for Universal Credit scammers

According to BBC News, benefit claimants are being targeted by scammers promising a low-cost loan or even a grant from the government.

What they don’t tell you is that the money you’ll receive is actually an advance for Universal Credit. After the fraudsters have taken their cut of your advance, victims are left to pay back the total amount after their Universal Credit payments begin. One scammer took £1,000 as their “fee” from a payment of £1,525.

According to the DWP, 10% of new Universal Credit claims could be fraudulent. Victims have included vulnerable people such as  those who are out of work, homeless or have drug dependency issues.

Image result for universal credit scam image search

How to spot a Universal Credit scammer

Victims described being approached by someone who says they work for Jobcentre Plus. They could be smartly dressed and even have a badge or ID to “prove” they are acting on behalf of the Jobcentre. They promised one victim she’d receive a grant from the government that didn’t need to be paid back.

To apply for a Universal Credit advance on your behalf, they will ask for ID such as your driving licence or passport, your bank card or details of your accounts and could even ask to take a photo of you.

One victim reported that the first sign that she had been scammed was when her tax credits were stopped. When she called up to ask about it, she was told she couldn’t claim tax credits and Universal Credit at the same time. Repayments started to be taken from her benefits as soon as her UC payments started.

Watch out online

BBC report details how victims are being targeted through accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as well. They’re operating under handles such as Same Day Drop UK, Same Day Grant Payment, Discretionary Budgeting Grant, moneyinaminute and Gov Grants Same Day.

These fake pages are very convincing, using government logos to try and seem more trustworthy. One victim described how she was lured in by comments from other users who had supposedly received this “grant”. It’s easy for scammers to use fake accounts to comment with testimonials, and delete any replies that say it’s a scam.

The problems it could cause

Advances for Universal Credit need to be paid back in 12 monthly installments after you get your first UC payment. It definitely isn’t the “free money” scammers might make it out to be.Find out more about paying back a Universal Credit advance.

Jobcentre Plus staff have reported seeing bogus claims, including some from university students who wouldn’t usually be eligible for Universal Credit, as well as applications including children who don’t exist. If a scammer makes a UC advance application on your behalf using false information, this is classed as benefit fraud.

Those found out to be committing benefit fraud could:

  • be told to pay back the overpaid money
  • may be taken to court or asked to pay a penalty (between £350 and £5,000)
  • their benefits may be reduced or stopped.


How to report a Universal Credit scam

Work and Pensions minister Baroness Buscombe says: “We’re encouraging people to listen to their instincts. If someone offers you a low-cost loan from the Government they may be trying to steal your identity.

“Treat your personal information for benefits in the same way you would for your bank. And if you think you’ve been targeted, we urge you to report it urgently.”How to report a scam or fraud.

Report any social media accounts you see promoting fake government grants using the report feature on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

If you think you might have been a victim of a UC scam, whether you were approached or your details were used to apply for Universal Credit without your consent, you should report it. Get in touch with Action Fraud, local police, Jobcentre Plus or report it to Citizens Advice. Scammers have already been prosecuted for committing this type of fraud. Your report could stop someone else falling victim in future.