September is an Expensive month, here is what has happened so far

MOT & Car Insurance Renewal

September is always an expensive month for our household, as the main car costs are due this month. Our car is now 17 years old and has 110,000+ on the clock, bad news is the car has just failed the MOT, this has cost £50 + £120 to get fuel leak fixed. So it was lucky I had enough cash to cover it.

On to my car insurance renewal quote, currently with Sainsburys is £20 more expensive than last year, £460 now. So I have as ever been shopping around online to see if I could beat it……..


So I visited the main comparison sites,

(Prior to this I received the usual emails with quotes from the following sites. As I had used them last year.)

The strange thing is ‘i got different prices on the email quotes compared to when #i went in to get new quotes.

GoCompare offered £444 Per year

moneysupermarket £376

confused email £422 then on visiting site £390?

So it definitely pays to shop around !!!! Moneysupermarket came up as the winner with a saving of £84. I have to ring Sainsburys to see if they can do any better if not of to Hastings #insurance it is.

Also where possible pay in one go, I usually put it on a 0% Credit card then divide the cost by 12, so I don’t pay the ludicrous 30% + Interest the insurance companies charge for paying monthly.